Made for LDJAM 34 by me.

Radical Revolver Recoil Rampage (or Recoil Rampage for short...)

Is a "survive for as long as you can" type of game. You use two buttons (LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys, or the shoulder buttons if you're on a gamepad)

to control where you want to shoot the problem is you always move in the OPPOSITE direction due to the recoil.

It's a fun and addicting game and the average play time per life is about 20 seconds. But most people play for far longer than one life.

Music by Andreas Larsson

Rest by Andreas Lidell (Hey that's me!)


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Got my viewers saying this revolver got some major KICK to it. Great game mechanic, only the spikes were a bit OP too me. Music and gameplay are really good! :) I wanna know why everyone's trying to kill that guy, haha.